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Aging and Families Consultation and Counseling
Ada Burko, LCSW

Offering Services for Older Adults and their families in these critical areas:

Older adults caregiving issues
Planning for Care Planning for Care
Crisis Intervention Crisis Intervention
Caregiving issues Caregiving issues
Couples counseling and consultation Family/Couples counseling and consultation
Effective Problem Solving Effective Problem Solving
Aging and Families Resources


My approach centers on working with entire families in problem solving while focusing on family dynamics. I have found that engaging the whole family is the most effective approach based on several decades of direct experience working with elderly individuals, couples and their families.

I believe that older adults should stay in their own familiar home/environment. I help find resources to support them in sustaining quality of life.

However, there are times that a move out of the home is inevitable. After examining all other options I will assist in developing alternative plans and criteria that will help the older adult and the family make the best choice for an appropriate change of environment.

Ada Burko, LCSW
The figures above are taken from surveys of the noninstitutionalized elderly.

About 1.3 million elderly live in nursing homes today (about half are age 85 and over). These individuals often have high needs for care with their ADLs and/or have severe cognitive impairment due to Alzheimer's disease or other dementias. For every person who lives in a nursing home there are at least two older adults who live in the community but need the same level of care. (A Profile of Older Americans 2009 – Administration on Aging)

I am a Licensed Clinical (Geriatric) Social Worker with 28 years of work experience with older adults and their families in a diverse setting. For the past 10 years I was the Director of Older Adult Services of Jewish Family and Children’s Services of the East Bay.

How I work. You may engage me for few hours to consult with you on a specific issue or, if necessary, for longer periods of intervention work. For example, I can help improve the communication between family members and older parents. I can also provide grief counseling, on going counseling in supporting a family member while he/ she engaged in caregiving, or general counseling for an aging person who is dealing with the accumulation of losses; as well as in home assessment.

As needed, I work together with Dr. Alex Hauptman, a geriatric psychiatrist, with whom I share an office.

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Aging and Families, Ada Burko